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Introducing Mrs. Myer  . . .

My name is Cindy Myer.  I am a Crawford County native and only moved north to the Marshall area in 2004.   I went to school, k-12, in Oblong and later attended Lincoln Trail College and Eastern Illinois University.  After earning my certificate, I returned to teach at both Oblong High School and Lincoln Trail College.  During that time, I taught courses ranging from remedial math through advanced math topics and computer programming through network design/maintenance.  For four years, I taught for a factory in Paris, IL teaching for their employment testing topics:  math, reading, mechanical aptitude, Minnesota shape recognition, clerical filing, and clerical math.  My return to a high school teaching position hinges on my affinity for Crawford County and a love of teaching in an environment that allows me time to get to know my students.

 At home, there are five in my family.  I am happily married and celebrating my 28th anniversary in early Spring.  My husband and I have three children:  twin sons and a younger daughter.  We raise a variety of animals and produce and spend as much time as possible outside:  hiking, fishing, camping, gardening.  With busy lives, we often find that 'getting away' (even if 'away' is in the backyard) is the best way to be together.

 In the summer of 2009, I completed my master’s degree at the University of Illinois - Springfield.  Since then, I have continued my quest for knowledge with other, post-graduate courses.  During the summer of 2011, I attended an online class through Ball State University that was part of a grant program.  I applied for and was chosen to participate in this course based on my application submitted in early March.  The course went well, and I am using elements from my research in the classroom today.

Each summer, I select a focus for summer study: Excel, Classic Literature, Nonfiction, Writing Strategies, Learning Styles, Brain Research, How Students Learn.  I never fail to find new ideas to bring to the classroom.  A lifelong love of learning drives me to find new ways to help others learn as well. 

I would love to hear from parents and students.  If you have questions, or just want to introduce yourself, please email me at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call the high school office at 618-544-9510.  The link for Skyward mail is functional, but those messages are easily overlooked within the program.  For a faster response time, please use the email address listed here.  I check email daily.  If you haven't gotten a response to an email within a couple of days, I probably haven't seen it.  Please call so we can work together.


Mrs. Myer

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