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2nd Grade Science Night - 2017

The Second Grade Team, in cooperation with teachers from the RHS Science Department and their students, put together Science Night for all Second Grade students at Washington Elementary School.  Students had an opportunity to do a number of kid friendly experiments and activities that ranged from biological sciences to chemistry and physics.  It was a great evening of fun and learning for all those who participated.  

Washington Elementary Enrichment Programs

UPDATE (2/8/17): All clubs are full at this time.  Thank you!

The Washington Elementary Enrichment Programs will consist of 5 different clubs that meet at various times throughout the calendar year. Each club will contain activities that might appeal to different interests within the student population at Washington Elementary School. The leaders of the clubs will consist of at least two adult volunteers from the community who have an interest in the activities of the club. Cost for participation in each club will depend upon each clubs overall budget for the activities planned.

Registration for each club is limited. Each child will be able to register for two clubs. If there is space available in a club after the first 14 days of registration has lapsed the child can then enroll in a club where there is still space available. The success of these clubs will depend solely on volunteers. The fee will be collected at the first meeting of the club.

Art Club (full)
Meeting Dates: March 1, 15, 29 meeting time is from 2:35 - 4:00 PM
Meeting Location: Washington Elementary School Gym
Fee required to Join: $10

Various art projects will be made to allow children to express their personalities and interests. This club will focus on the use of fine motor skills through painting and other art mediums.

Gardening Club (full)
Meeting Dates: May 2, 9. Meeting time is from 2:35 - 4:00 PM
Meeting Location: Washington Elementary School Gym
Fee required to Join: $10

Children will gain knowledge about different plants and their requirements to thrive in nature. By completing gardening projects children will have the opportunity to demonstrate responsibility through caring for their garden projects.

LEGO Club (full)
Meeting Dates: February 10, 24 meeting time is from 2:35 - 4:00 PM
Meeting Location: Washington Elementary School Gym
Fee Required to Join: $10

Introduces children to basic LEGO building concepts. The club will have a hands on approach to using math and problem solving concepts to create rubber band powered cars using gears, wheels, and LEGO bricks.

Nature Club (full)
Meeting Dates:
April 17, 24 meeting time is from 2:35 - 4:00 PM
Meeting Location: Log Cabin at Washington Park
Fee required to Join: $10

Children will investigate nature by exploring at the Washington Park Nature trails. Topics covered will be: Animal Habitats, Identifying animal tracks, using a compass, getting a closer look with binoculars and a magnifying glass. There will be discussions about various nature topics with particular emphasis on animals.

Yoga Club (full)
Meeting Dates: February 16, March 2.  meeting time is from 2:35 - 3:30 PM
Meeting Location: Washington Elementary School Gym
Fee Required to Join: $10

Student must bring either a bath towel or yoga mat to school. Provides children with instruction on how to improve flexibility to help prevent physical injury. Encourages healthy fitness habits within children.

Neal Pit Trip

On October 12, Marathon invited Second Grade from Washington Elementary School to visit Neal Pit.  Neal Pit is a wildlife area reclaimed by Marathon.  Members of the Marathon team provided educational stations ranging from renewable energy to identifying local flora and wildlife.  Students had a wonderful time attending the event which has a new twist nearly every year.  Washington Elementary wishes to thank Marathon for sponsoring such activites for its students annually.

Heath Toffee Demonstration

Every year, the Hershey Company demonstrates the process of manufacturing Heath Toffee during the Heath Harvest Festival.  Hershey also invites local schools to come and watch the process.  In the video, you will see Washington Elementary School students enjoyng the demonstration and learning about the sweetest parts of the history of Robinson.


First Day at WES!!!

We had a great first day at Washington Elementary School. Check out some of the things that we were able to accomplish the first day.  


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