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Community Unit School District #2 schools will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Gmail Accounts: Students should be checking their Gmail accounts on a regular basis.  See our Login Guides or contact the Help Desk for additional help.

Remote Learning (updated April 15, 2020): Please see the Remote Learning Information page for important information about the district's remote learning plan and instructions on picking up materials.

Online Resources (updated April 15, 2020): We have compiled a list of Online Resources to use while schools are closed.
Food Service (updated March 23, 2020)See our Food Service During Closure page for important information about meal pick-up.

Read Aloud: Special guest readers dropped by for our Read Aloud series during the school closure.

Coping: Several staff members from Lincoln Grade School remind students of some coping strategies they can use.

Diana Thompson


Grammar goal



The eighth grade
textbook series is
McDougal Littell.
Students can use
“Class Zone" as an
online guide for extra
practice.  “Class 
provides interactive 
activities and self-
quizzes to
check for 
can click on the 
textbook to the left 
for extra help.

Student Access Code

 grammarhomework During the first quarter, 
the students will typically
have grammar assignments
nightly. Once Writing 
Workshop begins, the 
students are expected 
to work on their writing 
packets 20 minutes a 
night. If a student is 
absent, he/she must 
work on the packet for 
40 minutes, and it must
be verified with a parent
signature. The students 
will have grammar/writing
lessons to work on at 
home once in a while. 
Some nights it may be a 
grammar assignment and
some nights it may be 
writing homework.
Writing Workshop
Writing Workshop is the centerpiece of my classroom.  Everything
the students work for revolves around this
 program.  From the
first days of school, the students will study the four sentence
structures in order to understand sentence variety in writing.
The students will review the eight parts of speech in order to
learn to use the parts of speech correctly and purposefully.  Once
sentence structure and the eight parts of speech are taught, the
students will begin instruction with writing practices and procedures
in order to begin workshop.  Writing Workshop is an individualized
program that provides support to each student. 



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Community Unit School District #2 


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