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2018 Lincoln Grade School Hockey

The 2018 LGS hockey season wraps up next week.  Wednesday, February 28th will mark the end of the 4th season for the free after school program.  The league has 190 3rd-5th graders playing and runs from the first week of January through the end of February.

Raising Grateful Givers

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ROBINSON, Ill. (WTHI) - This time of year, it can be easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But as adults, how do we teach our children to be grateful and giving?


Experts say fundraising and volunteering help children understand empathy and become more successful adults.

Students and Lincoln Grade School in Robinson, Illinois are learning how it feels to give. Teachers say it's due to the culture they've created.

The school librarian, Holly Gallagher, is collecting donations to help a school in Texas rebuild their book collection after Hurricane Harvey. Mauriceville Middle School was hit hard with flooding and the library books were ruined.

Gallagher is selling ticket for a dollar. At the end of the week she will draw a winning ticket and that student will get a signed copy of a "Captain Underpants" book.

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Creating Memories Through Teamwork

ROBINSON, Ill. (WTHI) – It’s Wednesday at 3:00.

For Lincoln Grade School students, that means game time.

This is the second year for the floor hockey league.

Starting as a simple idea, the league has grown to involve more than half of the students.

“We decided to kind of just give it a shot and it got crazy. It blew up on us,” Reggie Truitt said. Truitt along with two others started the league.

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The Puck Has Dropped

On Tuesday, January 6th Lincoln Grade School started their after school floor hockey league.  167 students have signed up to participate in the league and games are played in the gym after school.  Team names were given from the National Hockey League and consist of 11 students per team.  Equipment has been purchased and donated through the efforts of the PTO of Lincoln Grade School.  The response from parents and the community have been tremendous and this is the second year the league has played games.  Special thanks to Mr. Truitt, Mr. Rardin, Mr. Wampler and Mr. Reynolds for organizing the league as well as the support from our staff.  

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