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Amy Hartke

6th Grade Math World                             

calvin and_math_attitude_change

Math is not always a subject that is well liked. In 6th grade I try to get students to realize that they can do math and it isn't all that bad.  Math is used in so many real life activities and careers--simple to higher levels of math. Students need to understand math is not an enemy. 

Understanding Math...

Students are able to ask questions during class time, AE, and Advisory/Activity time. Students also need to look at the textbook again if they forget some of the lesson. I also provide a link to the math textbook site that has videos and practice over the lessons. If students have been absent or need to see the lesson again, this link is great in helping students study and understand the lessons.  I am here to help but the textbook and the link helps students become more independent and responsible in their understanding of math. 

Math Help/Textbook Support

XTRA Math--Practice on Facts

Learning Style Quiz

Multiplication Pretest

Chapter 2 Review Family (Packet sent home to review--includes summary and review problems.)



Order of Operations Review Games

Save the Royal Family (Mr. Nussbaum)

Millionaire Game

Order of Operations

PEMDAS Blaster

Mystery Picture

XP Math Timed Game

Rags to Riches (Quia)


Chapter 4B Family Letter/Study Guide Packet  

Chapter 5B Family Letter/Study Guide Packet  Multiplying and Dividing Fractions (click on attachment below)

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Washington Elem. School
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Community Unit #2
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Community Unit School District #2 


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